July 2018 Update

The Personal Airline (PAX) is close to releasing our really cool App!  We call it a Time Machine, because a JetSeat™ on PAX is four times faster than airlines or driving, but at airline fares.

The new App successfully groups together multiple passengers onto charter flights.  Our goal from the beginning is for passengers to request a charter flight as if they are the only passenger on the aircraft, but then share the trip, only paying for the seat.  Our breakthrough technology, called WingTips™, performs a complex negotiation process with many users simultaneously, giving “tips” to move requests towards a common flight.  The result is each user defines their specific requests, retaining the important parts of their trip, while being grouped together to share the flight.

This is a huge breakthrough since waiting for enough requests to “organically” become a flight does not work.  Bruce Sawhill (co-founder of PAX) likens it to playing the game Cornhole.

But instead of throwing at one hole, you have 1,000 holes and are playing in the dark!  Image trying to get five bean bags into the same hole, and you see the problem.  Based on our research, it takes about a thousand requests before the first flight is created – this is for the same trip in a seven-day time frame.  Put another way, relying on organic aggregation meant thousands of potential customers wanting a flight, but being disappointed.

With the development of WingTips, we achieve our goal of delivering an on-demand flight experience and sharing the flight with others to reduce the cost.  This is what drives scale for The Personal Airline.

The timing of WingTips release is very good.  There is increased awareness of private jets for travel from companies like SurfAir and JetSmarter.  But people see the limitations of their models compared to The Personal Airline.

Thank you for your interest in The Personal Airline!  Please share this update with your network of friends and associates to have them check us out.  The current website, our prototype, is going to be retired soon, and an informational page will be in its place while we complete the production version of the software.

And if you would like more detailed information on The Personal Airline, email us at mike.azzarello@pax.aero.

Happy Travel and have a great 4th of July!

Mike Azzarello & Bruce Sawhill

The Personal Airline Exchange