The Personal Airline is your Time Machine. With PAX, regional trips can be traveled four times faster than driving.  Our vision is to offer you, the Road Warrior, all the flexibility of chartering a private aircraft, but by sharing with others it is priced like an airline flight.

You can charter a private aircraft today, but at “extortionate” pricing!  Our magic is to take flight requests from multiple travelers, and without any of them communicating with each other, we manage a virtual negotiation simultaneously.  Using our expertise in private aviation operations, complex math, behavioral economics and Bruce Sawhill’s “secret sauce” algorithms, we are able to Demand Manage individual requests into common flights. You receive feedback in real time, and flight confirmations occur quickly.  

Getting individual flight requests to converge into a shared flight was the single biggest obstacle to per-seat, on-demand jet charter service!

 The Personal Airline is a virtual airline, exactly like AirBNB is a virtual lodging company. Once we have flights generated in our system, we send these to charter operator partners.  Unlike our competitors, we don’t demand that operators “race to the bottom” on price. We are interested in providing a safe, comfortable and consistent experience. The Supply Side of our system uses Bruce’s deep knowledge of flight planning and logistics. We provide operators with new customers and new revenue streams.

Why Fly The Personal Airline?

If you value your time, you need The Personal Airline. There are many trips that are horrible to make, drive time is slow and long, and no airline service. You could do this on a private jet for an extortionate amount of money, or you could take a PAX flight for as low as one-tenth of a private charter flight. PAX brings together a group of people, without them talking to each other. The price drops to as low as a tenth of a private charter flight, in line with airline fares, making it available for more people. For business travelers, many of your overnight trips become a day-trip. PAX focuses on flights not served by the airlines. Thousands of trips are too short and between small airports with no airline service at all. Major airlines focus most of their flights among a few large airports. You can’t afford to waste your time like this.