PAX, The Personal Airline is your Time Machine. Charter a flight on a business jet, setting the date, time, and airports to your personal  travel needs. Then the PAX AI Agent matches you with other travelers to create a shared charter flight. Fly on a business jet, on your schedule, about 4 times faster than driving or airlines, at a price competitive with airline fares. PAX does not own or operate aircraft, we provide online guidance for you to join a mutually agreeable flight, sourced by top rated charter operators. PAX uses the best aircraft for the trip, from a turboprop for four passengers for short flights to a ten passenger heavy jet for longer flights.

Why Fly The Personal Airline?

If you value your time, you need The Personal Airline. There are many trips that are horrible to make, drive time is slow and long, and no airline service. You could do this on a private jet for an extortionate amount of money, or you could take a PAX flight for as low as one-tenth of a private charter flight. PAX brings together a group of people, without them talking to each other. The price drops to as low as a tenth of a private charter flight, in line with airline fares, making it available for more people. For business travelers, many of your overnight trips become a day-trip. PAX focuses on flights not served by the airlines. Thousands of trips are too short and between small airports with no airline service at all. Major airlines focus most of their flights among a few large airports. You can’t afford to waste your time like this.